Dr Dre Set to Become Hip Hops First Billionare!

Dr Dre is set to become Hiphop’s richest man! Apple is offering to pay $3.2 billion to buy Beats Electronics, which produces his famous Beat by Dre headphones! An excited Dre confirmed this in a Video selfie with friend and fellow musician Tyrese Gibson!
If the deal goes through, Dr Dre would certainly become hip hop’s richest musician, as he stands to be a billionare or at least rake in over 800 Million dollars! The money he earns might not be up to a billion, because the company was founded by him and record producer Jimmy Iovine.
In addition he owns just about 20-25% of the company, not to mention capital gains taxes that would surely take a bite out of his cut! But it would surely put him at number 1 position on Forbes list of richest hip hop musicians, where he came second with $500 million dollar net worth to P’diddy who had a value of $700 million! Hian! See money!!!


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