Top 10 Grammatical Blunders Made By Patience Jonathan. !

1. My Husband and Sambo is a
good people ,

2. The President was once a Child
and the Senators were once a
Children ,

3. My Fellow Widows

4. A Good Mother takes care of his
Children 5. The people sitting
before you here were once a

6. Yes we are all happy for the
effort,it is not easy to carry second
in an international competition like
this one – Addressing Press men
after Female Under 19 Fifa World

7. The Bombers who born them?
wasn’t it not a woman? They were
once a Children now a adult now
they are bombing women and
children making some children a

8. My Heart feels sorry for these
Children who have become Widows
by losing their Parents for one
reason or another

9. We should have love for our
fellow Nigerians irrespective of

10. vote UMBLERRA and press your
finger for UMBLERRA !!!!!!….proudly Nigerian


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