If your breath stinks she’s not gonna tell you….

I have said before that looks aren’t very important
when attracting a woman; what’s really important is
the energy and vibe you give off.

Keeping the aformentioned in mind let us address
what you need to know about looks fashion
and attracting women.

My motto is: “Make sure you do the best
with what you were given”

All women appreciate a man who takes care of
himself physically emotionally and who dresses well.

You may not be as tall as you want
or handsome as you want etc… but what’s important
is that you not dwell on those things, but instead
take responsibility and make the best of what you have.

Here is a checklist of things you are recommended to
do in order to be appealing to women.

First impressions are important
and the way you present yourself says a lot about
who you are; and women read into these things.

Here are some general guidelines:

Keep all hair on your body short, trimmed,
tidy and under control.

Keep your hair clean and smelling good

Dress in clean clothes

Make sure your clothes fit you well
and compliment your body shape

Have new underwear and socks
and throw out all the old stuff

Wear black socks when you are dressed
in casual or formal attire

White socks are only for when you are
wearing shorts or doing sports

Do not pull your socks up like you’re a soccer player

..unless you’re playing soccer! (Or unless it’s you INTENTIONAL style)
Make sure you always smell good
and are wearing antiperspirant or deodorant

Glance at fashion magazines or other cool guys
to get a sense of what’s in style

Keep your nose hairs trimmed

Always brush and floss you teeth
and go for a cleaning every 6 months

Don’t do all your clothes shopping at Wallmart,
invest in at least 2 designer pair of jeans

Always clean your ears carefully using Q Tips

Keep your shoes clean, even if they’re old.

Exercise properly 3 to 4 days a week

Eat healthy food

These are a few general guidelines,
I know they are obvious but they are
important to remember.

No one’s ever going to tell you that you smell bad,
your breath stinks or that your nose hairs are
disgustingly long etc…
so you have to stay conscious of those things yourself.

The way you take care of yourself reflects on
how well you will take care of her; it also shows
how much respect, or lack of respect,
you have for yourself.

I’m not saying that this is always necessarily true
..but it is the way most women will judge you
whether you like it or not.

Do the best with what you have.
Like attracts like.

If you want a high quality woman or
women in your life then transform yourself

into the high quality man they’re also searching for



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