#5 Soda Is Bad for Cholesterol

The sugar in soda can elevate your cholesterol levels by triggering the triglycerides, which in turn increases a risk for heart disease. The American Heart Disease Association urges consumers to not drink more than 36 oz of regular soda a week. Diet soda won’t affect cholesterol but causes you to run a risk for kidney disease or
other health issues, such as type 2 diabetes. Be good to your body and don’t drink soda excessively!

#4 Soda Gives Us Nasty Night Heartburn

If you drink soda during the day, it can trigger heartburn during the night thanks to the carbonation. The bubbles build up pressure in your stomach and this results in a burning sensation. It’s especially common with Coca-Cola and Diet Pepsi, though carbonated can cause the reaction. Do you relish waking up at night with aching
pain just because you enjoyed a soda during the day? None of us do. Try having a fruit-infused water instead.

#3 Soda Has Way Too Much Sugar

If you drink a regular soda, such as a Mountain Dew, you could be ingesting 77 grams of sugar in a 20 fl oz bottle alone. You may think that’s a small bottle, but that is more twice the daily amount of recommended sugar allowance. You’re on a fast track to obesity, high cholesterol, cavities and more. Maybe you like being overweight
and going to the dentist, but we doubt it.

#2 Soda Is Horrible For Your Teeth

Soda is never friendly to teeth. Its acid corrodes the enamel on your teeth and can also stain it. Having sodas repeatedly starts to take its toll on your teeth’s enamel, and it’s one of the top sources of tooth decay. Even sugar-free drinks still have acid that can attack the teeth. If you drink a soda, you should try to brush your teeth shortly after consuming it, and follow the brushing up with a rinse of mouthwash. The brushing and mouthwash will get rid of the sugars in the soda so they don’t have time to start rotting plus stop the acid. If you can’t brush immediately, drink a glass of water after your soda. But seriously, stop the soda!

#1 Soda Causes Insomnia

We drink soda to get the caffeine boost we need during the day, but we can pay for our choice at night. Caffeine-rich sodas can keep you up at night for hours, because caffeine can last four to seven hours in your system. That soda at 4 p.m. can have up past 10 p.m. when you really want to sleep. If you must drink a soda, try to drink a small or caffeine-free choice so you keep the caffeine effect at bay. Pay attention to all the caffeine content on labels as well. Dr. Pepper alone has 28 mg of caffeine per 8 fl oz.


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