Would you wear this?Artist debuts perfume made out of her sweat,tears and hair

While most women prefer to smell like roses,a female artist is doing the opposite…Martynka Wawrzyniak,an artist and former model has used her sweat,hair and tears to create her own perfume called  Eau de M..The scent made it’s debut in May issue of Harper’s Bazaar and some of the words used to describe it were,” unique,wet,sweet,sensual like a hot humid summer day and intensely addictive ”

Her sweat was produced by making her sleep in the same T-shirt for five nights,then putting her shirt in a sterile mason jar..To get bottles of tears, she watched films and cartoons that reminded her of her childhood in communist Poland.
According to her website, she worked on the scents with chemistry students for over a year..The students – overseen by Professor Donna McGregor – used a complex process of treating 100per cent cotton clothes that she had worn, then washing the clothes with ethanol and leaving it to evaporate.

Some women who tried it said it smelt like sweat in summer while others said it smelt like a girl’s T-Shirt when deodorant doesn’t totally mask the sweat smell.


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