Scientists at Oxford University have found that storing fat in your bottom, rather than stomach, cuts levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and raises the ‘good’ HDL cholesterol that protects against hardening of the arteries.

Their review, published in the International Journal of Obesity, showed the benefits of an ample derriere extend even to cutting the risk of diabetes. 

Professor Jimmy Bell, head of metabolic and molecular imaging at Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust, explains: ‘Fat comes in “good” and “bad” forms. 
‘Gluteofemoral fat stored around the bottom seems to act as a buffer, mopping up inflammatory fats that could have a dangerous effect elsewhere.

‘Because fat around your backside breaks down more slowly than belly fat, it produces fewer inflammatory cytokines — chemicals which have been linked to diabetes, heart disease and obesity. 

‘Burning off too much of this healthier form of fat isn’t good for you.’
However, excess fat around the middle can have severe health implications, so getting rid of it  is important.


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