Infinix Zero…The future is here

With OTA, or “over the air”, which is a term often used to refer to the “wireless system update” service through 3G or Wifi. The moment you pay docent means the service is over, Infinix team will upgrade the Zero System software each month according to the users’ feedback and the Google Android OS evolution. End users can check and upgrade the system software through Infinix OTA (wireless software update) function when there is a new version available.
In additional, 6 months screen replacement are claimed by Infinix. If you cracked your screen by accident,
You can get your screen replaced at Carlcare service center within 6 months.

This is the device that is set to dwarf all others in terms of performance and technology. Imagine the superior picture quality of a 13MP camera with Sony sensor, the speed derived from the powerful Octa-Core processor, the latest Android 4.4.2 Kit kat and the Gorilla glass 3 technology this device has to offer! It also comes along with 16GB Rom+2GB Ram……and offers special colors like white and gold.

The Infinix Zero is an embodiment of aesthetics. One of the first things that would strike you about the phone is its sleekness. It has a smooth feeling and it is very palm friendly. It is also very light, weighing just about 150 mg. The hardened glass frame, called the Gorrilla glass 3, is an extraordinary feature, allowing you to hit it against a hard surface without getting scratched. Also the anti-crash film is designed to come along with the device which makes it tough and stronger.

The Infinix Zero is sold exclusively on This is because Konga is the best marketplace platform in Nigeria as shown by several metrics.  Infinix Zero is sold online because the costs of e-commerce is cheaper than that of a brick and mortar market, thereby making products more affordable for customers

Hey beautiful people, im Gabriel and i am me. This is how i express myself. Be cool


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