She was a femme fatale like no other.
When she came calling, most would follow. Although her calls took on many
different forms, there was always a common thread—this seductress promised so much.
Her promises never lasted, but her hold did. And then the real journey began.
Beyond the initial excitement and ecstasy lay a different experience. She would
usher her captives through isolated fields. Away from family and friends, these were
desolate places, devoid of companionship. Here, she was the only companion. It brought
new meaning to the word alone.
Along the way she would teach the fine art of denial. Engrossed in this, few even
noticed the valley. It ran as deep as the deepest despair. In this dark and dismal place,
hope became a distant memory. If only she would block out the pain. Instead she kept
leading the way into it.
At the base of the valley was something worse. It was an abyss called hell. Into it
she would walk, exerting her pull. Although many wanted to break free from her grasp,
few understood that the first step in doing so was to call her name. Even fewer knew what
that name was, for her disguises were so grand. Her name was Addiction.
The first step in dealing with addiction is acknowledgement. Self-honesty
is a priceless gift. It is a platform upon which great things can be built.


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