The Dragon

Everyone on the island knew about the dragon. They knew it patrolled the ocean in
search of sea vessels. They knew it breathed fire and would kill anyone who crossed its
path. Finally, they knew it was stealthy. It was so stealthy that no one had ever seen it, but
they knew it existed.
Because of the fearsome dragon, the islanders never ventured beyond their island
home. To do so would mean death, so they remained where they were. Although this
paralysis blocked them from moving forward and experiencing new things, many considered
it preferable to being dragon food.
But one brave explorer begged to differ. Her resolve, in the name of discovery and
growth, was so strong that she decided to leave the island or die trying. In search of better
things she was prepared to face the dragon head on.
As she rowed out to sea her heart pounded. But she did not stop. Nor, strangely
enough, did she encounter any dragon. There was no painful death—only a beautiful
ocean and the thrill of the unknown. It all awaited one very brave explorer.
Monsters of the imagination come in all different shapes and sizes. Face your
fears today. Don’t create monsters where there are none.809665-free-dragon-picture


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