The dream seemed so real. A lady who looked like a witch/shaman was saying something.
Perhaps it was a curse/warning. The dreamer woke in terror/peace. That was when
she smelled the smoke.
Although she was able to save herself, there was little she could do about her
house. Watching it burn she latched onto a single thought: I’m homeless/alive and so
angry/grateful because of that. This repeated in her head.
With her house in ashes, the victim/survivor knew she would have to relocate. So
began her journey through the woods. In truth, she considered the woods to be a God
forsaken/inspired place, swarming with native flora and fauna. As she walked she noted
the many weeds/flowers that grew aside the path. This occupied her mind.
She soon found herself lost, alone and afraid. Many of her prayers began, “I
curse/beseech you God …” In the back of her mind she denied/embraced the belief that
everything happens for a reason. This added to her despair/hope.
Lost in the woods by/with herself she knew she had to become self-sufficient.
Fortunately there were plenty of berries to eat, and she could drink water from the stream.
This would be the only way to make it through this nightmare/challenge.
After a few days hikers found and rescued her. She told them all about her
adventure/ordeal. After all, this woman was a jaded/better person because of it.
Events can be seen in vastly different ways. Attitudes and beliefs
determine perception. How do you see things?


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