Carl was a vampire! Despite looking human, he was a parasite who fed off others. Although
he was embarrassed by his lifestyle, he was accustomed to it. For this reason he
continued to hunt on a regular basis.
Of course, discretion was called for. From an early age Carl learned to hide his
antisocial behavior by masterfully blending into the background. His victims were always
When it came to choosing victims Carl wasn’t fussy. Sometimes they were young,
sometimes they were old. It didn’t matter whether they were male or female, black or
white. Carl was simply out for his fix.
Carl never imagined he would be caught, especially not by his sister. That’s
exactly what happened the day she caught him laughing at someone less fortunate than he
was. Emotional vampires don’t feed off blood. They feed off the hurt, pain and misery of
Putting others down to lift yourself up never works. Self-esteem is
wallow sensitive. You can only lift yourself up with love.



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