The grass, in Sid’s opinion, was definitely greener on the other side. Although his fellow
sheep were content, Sid was tormented. There was something about the grass in that other
field. It beckoned.
A barbed-wire fence stood between Sid and his goal. Refusing to be denied, Sid
forced his four-legged body between the razor sharp spikes. After ending up bloodied and
bruised, he made it to the other side.
“Baaaah.” (Translation: “Oh God no.”) To his horror Sid realized the grass, which
had appeared so lush from a distance, was tick infested. The bloodsucking arachnids were
everywhere. Worse, they enjoyed the taste of mutton.
After returning home Sid noticed a grazing area beyond the lake. Although the
lake was freezing cold and contained jagged rocks, he decided to take the plunge. It was a
miracle he emerged on the other side.
“Baaaaaaaah.” (Translation: “Bloody hell.”) This new field was full of underground
rabbit burrows. Like a minefield, it made walking perilous. In this place Sid
couldn’t move, he couldn’t be himself.
Sid the sheep learned his lesson, or so he thought. Before too long his wandering
eyes noticed yet another pasture. Again, not content with where he was, he made the
move. This time he braved four lanes of traffic, at peak hour no less.
“Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah.” (Translation withheld.) This new pasture was plastic. On
closer inspection Sid came to realize it was one of those human contraptions, littered with
yellow balls and painted with white lines. This pasture was an illusion.

Having found out the hard way, these days Sid is quick to offer advice to others.
When translated his wisdom is both learned and simple. “Although the grass may look
greener on the other side, beware illusions, hidden traps and things that bite!”
Whenever the green-eyed monster strikes, beware! Jealousy invites
trouble. Gratitude is the first step in getting what you want.



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