Meet the Chef Who’s Cooking Cannabis-Infused Jewish Dishes

They’re calling him the “Julia Child of Pot” for redesigning and reviving the way many Americans cook with cannabis, and now he is adding a Jewish twist to his culinary ventures. This 420 Chef is working to coin a new style of cannabis cuisine: Cannabis-Infused Jewish Dishes. Say sayonara to  “weed butter” and “pot brownies” –it’s all about “potato latkes with canna-pear creme fresh” and “stoned pepper pecan noodle pudding.”

All of these classic cannabis-infused Jewish dishes can be found in The 420 Gourmet: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine, which hit the shelves in June. The recipes feature fresh produce and seasonal ingredients, fitting right in with other contemporary cookbooks, and drawing on Mediterranean and Mexican flavors.

As told by The Forward, cookbook author “JeffThe420Chef” (he doesn’t reveal his real name) rose to fame in San Fransisco last year when he catered his first “Pot Shabbat.” His menu has said to feature fresh vegetables and bright flavors like tamarind brussels sprouts and cannabis oil-infused matzah balls.

Jeff was raised in an Orthodox home, and grew up eating plenty of Ashkenazi classics. He first got his start while experimenting with ways to make “tasteless” cannabis-infused oils and butters, which are the primary foundation for the recipes in his cookbook. His goal, then and now, is to help people cook with cannabis and ensure healthy, medicinal meals with marijuana.

Besides marijuana-laced challah and gefilte fish, he experiments with Middle Eastern-inspired dishes like Spinach and Feta Cana-Borekas, Cana-Lamb Tagine with Cilantro and Mint, Canna-Ganoush, and Candied Eggplant “Bacon.”

Here are a few more Jewish classics from his website:

Potzo Ball Soup
Sea Salted Canna-Caramel Hamantaschen
Canna Avocado Hummus


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